Baby’s First 18 Months

Sundial Photography offers a special affordable package to capture all the wonderful moments that go along with your newborn’s first 18 months. Imagine having professional photos of your newborn at birth, learning to roll over, sitting, crawling, or walking! Everything is done in the safety of your own home or space of your choice. 

With the Baby’s First 18 Months package, you get to choose 4 session dates (subject to availability) that we come to photograph your baby.

Package includes:

  • Up to 90 minutes for each session.

    • Extra time uncharged for feeding or fussy babies.

  • Print package valued at $200 for each session.

    • (1) 11 x 14

    • (2) 8 x 10

    • (4) 5 x 7

    • (5) 4 x 6

    • (16) Wallets

  • 25% off all additional print purchases.

    • Including: metal, wood, and canvas prints

    • No minimum required!

Total package cost is only $995! Payment options may be available upon request. Remember, additional prints and specialty mediums like metal or wood are available at 25% off the regular prices. Take advantage of this great deal!

The dates must between birth and 18 months old. We recommend the milestones of: Birth, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 1 Year, and 18 Months. But it’s up to you! If you choose birth as one of your dates, we will do everything within our power to arrange a session within 10 days of your baby’s birth.